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Through our business operations on the world stage;we have set out to create new benchmarks in the heat treatment business, with specific focus on innovative technology, combined with Quality, Cost and Delivery (QCD).
Industrial Furnace Manufacturing Business
Hightemp Furnaces Ltd industrial furnace business is growing in tandem with the automobile industry. Furnace Manufacturing constitutes the core of our competencies – a key asset that has ensured our leadership position as one of the leading heat treatment furnace manufacturers in the world. In the industrial furnace business, the company employs its practical experience in heat treatment to offer complete services ranging from facilities design to startup and maintenance.
We have a strong global track record in the field of carburizing heat treatment facilities, and developing new more efficient technologies for heat treatment. We have designed, developed and delivered a small continuous type furnace (S-TKM) with three times the productivity of earlier batch type furnaces in the same space, and a continuous type furnace that meets customer needs for high quality.

Industrial Furnace Manufacturing

The company’s more recent innovations have been:

  • Continuous type nitriding furnace for continuously variable transmission (CVT) parts.
  • A series of new-type carburizing furnaces that offers reduced environmental impact and energy conservation.
  • The new Super TKM, which offers reduced environmental impact and energy conservation.
  • The new S-TKM, which offers reduced environmental impact and energy conservation.
  • Endothermic gas metamorphic furnace
  • Leading-edge gas generative burner type endothermic gas generator


Hightemp Furnaces Ltd offers the largest range of high performance industrial furnaces: