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Through our business operations on the world stage;we have set out to create new benchmarks in the heat treatment business, with specific focus on innovative technology, combined with Quality, Cost and Delivery (QCD).
Heat Treatment Services Business
Hightemp Furnaces Ltd boasts of being Japan’s & India’s largest heat treatment organization, with state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities it offers the highest quality and best service. This high quality and service excellence is backed by about 20 surface treatment processes, providing customers with an optimum production eco-system, guaranteeing Quality, Cost & Delivery (QCD) advantages.
The company offers the optimum process to meet diverse needs and applications, including carburizing to increase the abrasion resistance of metal surfaces, a proprietary gas nitrocarburizing toughnite process to heighten fatigue resistance, and the TD process to increase the fatigue resistance of molds, and the Corbett process for improving seizure resistance.
Heat Treatment constitutes the corner stone of our services portfolio; we provide a wide range of heat treatment services - with value additions such as machining and forging. Currently, we offer heat treatment services aggregating over 9000 tons per month for 500 plus customers.
Intricate knowledge of various processes, deep insights into the metallurgical realm and the ability to design & manufacture equipments used in heat treatment, enables the company to constantly upgrade and optimize various heat treatment facilities.
Our USP lies in the fact that our manufacturing capability for heat treating equipment ranges from extremely small throughputs to very large installations – enabling us to offer cost-effective and efficient heat treating services.

Heat Treatment Services

Our expertise includes, but is not limited to these specialized services: