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Through our business operations on the world stage;we have set out to create new benchmarks in the heat treatment business, with specific focus on innovative technology, combined with Quality, Cost and Delivery (QCD).
Value Proposition
Hightemp Furnaces Ltd is the world’s first choice in automotive furnace heat treatment technology. With over 3000 installed furnaces till date worldwide at leading automotive factories & at Tier 1 & 2 automotive components manufacturers, our focus has been to lower customer costs for casting and forging heat treatment and to minimize in-foundry and released pollution. These foundry heat treatment systems ensure breakdowns are minimized and production efficiencies maximized.
The company’s knowledge and expertise is built on heat treatment services & testing aggregating over 8000 tons per month for 500 plus customers, and an understanding of various metallurgical processes combined with technologies to process engine components, transmission gear components, valves, wheels and forgings. This wide spread expertise has allowed Hightemp Furnaces Ltd to emerge leaders in carburizing heat treatment facilities.
We are continuously striving to improve environmental performance and reduce overall cost and improve the quality of heat treatment systems for the automotive industry. Our innovation drives reliable heat treatment equipment and atmosphere gas automatic control systems and FA development in industrial furnaces.
Our leadership in direct gas carburizing technique called the FC method for type carburizing and quenching furnace, and for hybrid continuous roller hearth type series, has been acknowledged by leading players in the industry for its space-saving design and high-efficiency in performance.

Value Proposition

Hightemp Furnaces Ltd has tremendous knowledge as the world leader in automotive heat treatment systems, services and technologies. Some of our leading automotive application furnaces include: